As you may know, an application for Italian citizenship by marriage should take a maximum processing time of two years, according to the law. But what exactly happens in the process? What are the stages and your rights?
Time to raise your ears: discover how it works!

Ban uncertainty

Once the application is submitted, you may wonder what the next stage is and how long it takes. That is what many people are asking to me in this period. Others ask: once the final decision is taken and I am granted the citizenship, how much time it takes to operate my rights?

I understand your concern. The online application process on the Italian government website is far from user-friendly. It’s certainly tricky to have a clear mind of what is happening at each stage and even to be 100% sure that your submission is acknowledged.

So I thought it’s time to pull the most important information together here and support you in this time of uncertainty.
Are you sure your application is actually being handled as it should? Here is how to make sure.

The rules they never mention

In fact, there is an official Regulation in Italy which sheds light on the application process. That is Regulation no. 362/1994 implementing the 1992 Italian Citizenship Act.

What is important about it is that it gives the timing of each stage of the application, or at least of some important stages. That is what the Italian Consulates have to comply with when handling your application.

For example:

  • Once submitted, the application must be immediately forwarded to the Ministry of Interior in Rome
  • If the application is incomplete, the Italian Consulate asks the applicant for more information or documents within 30 days from the application date
  • Once the Ministry of Interior has taken its decision granting the Italian Citizenship (in the form of a Ministerial Decree), they forward it immediately to the Italian Consulate which received the application
  • The Italian Consulate (or Prefettura, in Italy) notifies the applicant within 15 days

The stages of your application

You may have noticed that the Italian government online system shows a message at various stages of the process. If you are not sure about what those messages in Italian mean for your application and how long it takes at every stage, bear with me.

I have prepared a convenient printable with a table listing the original messages and their translation at each stage, from the start until the end. Also, I have matched the provision of the Regulation which says what the office is supposed to do. That’s my Special 7 Stages table.

Interested? Tell me about that and I will send it to you for free.

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