Proud legal ally

Carrying the “Proud Legal Ally” badge, we affirm our steadfast commitment to individuals suffering from discrimination due to their sexual identity and orientation. This commitment is inspired by our own experiences with discrimination as both individuals and legal practitioners.

Twenty years ago, we actively engaged in campaigns advocating for the recognition of homosexual unions in Italy, standing alongside the LGBTI+ movements. In 2007, we were integral in the establishment of the Lenford Network – Lawyers for LGBTI+ Rights, the leading Italian organization dedicated to the defense of LGBTI+ rights, strategic litigation and advocacy. Today, we remain active within this organization, defending the rights of Italians in the world and their families in all their diverse forms.

In this era marked by a concerning resurgence of discrimination, not only in Italy but globally, we call upon all lawyers to take a stand. Embrace your role and be a Proud Legal Ally against discrimination. Stand up for those who have been marginalized by prejudiced attitudes and discriminatory practices. As legal advocates, it is our duty and our honor to protect and represent those who face the brunt of unjust treatment.
Become a Proud Legal Ally and show your badge! You are welcome to download it here.

Lara Olivetti - Proud Legal Ally LGBTI+