Let me begin by saying I cannot recommend Lara enough. The process of applying for my citizenship was very long, with several stumbling blocks, and at each turn, Lara offered several suggestions on how to ameliorate my results. She responded timely, thoroughly, and each time I used her advice great strides were accomplished towards my goals. She was clear, honest, and offered many different experiences of other clients as hints to solve problems arising from the process. I was very comfortable following her advice as I felt she really listened to my concerns, the specific situation of my family, and with each positive result, I was able to accomplish my goal. I would definitely use her again, myself, and if you are struggling with Italian bureaucracies yourself, I am sure she can help get your application back on track.
Katherine Nielsen

Associate Researcher at Centre for International Education, University of Sussex, UK, LinkedIn profile

I wish to recommend Lara as a Sr. Lawyer and Consultant with a sound experience in Italian and international Migration and related law and regulations matters; her expertise with Italian Authorities (based in homeland and abroad) and network can certainly support anyone who is in need of a practical and effective help to achieve the aim of obtaining for any of the several reasons you may need and will to enhance your rights as a worldwide citizen. You may expect from her full availability, transparency in what can be actually done to pursue your goal and the possible alternative ways, furthermore, she is fluent in different languages to better meet your needs.
Edoardo Caporaso

International HR Manager, Abu Dhabi (UAE), LinkedIn profile

Lara's services were essential to my Italian citizenship application which my parents and I completed in 2010 with her help. After I decided to move to Italy in 2012, she facilitated the expedition of our application in order for me to legally stay. Lara was always encouraging, patient and responsive to all of our needs throughout the arduous process. I highly recommend her for any immigration issues dealing with the Italian government
Jason Fellin

Web developer, Stockholm (Sweden), LinkedIn profile

For all of you who have expressed interest in the way forward for Dual Citizenship, the best way to do this is to work with Lara Olivetti- she made it possible, efficient and as pleasant as bureaucracy could be.
Maria Mortati

Museum professional, San Francisco (CA, USA), LinkedIn profile

Lara Olivetti is an effective professional. She assisted in my Italian citizenship application with outstanding results. I recommend her work to every applicant for Italian citizenship under Law 379/2000.
Dina Melgar Dorigoni

Chemical engineer, Investigación y Desarrollo en Comisión MOSCAMED (Guatemala), LinkedIn profile

During my citizenship process, I have had the pleasure to have met Lara.
Lara is a super customer oriented professional, with a huge knowledge about the Italian Laws and the entire process about “how to obtain the Italian citizenship”.
She helped me with some guidance about the process as well as to obtain some documents directly from Italy.
I received the documents in the United States without any delays and / or issues and she delivered what was promised. I would like to recommend Lara Olivetti as a top notch service provider that you can hire for sure.

Rogerio Besouchet

North America Regional Operations Director, Aerospace Logistics, LinkedIn profile

I discovered you on my search for reducing the waiting time for my Italian citizenship and I can just say you proved my good luck. I faithfully followed your advice and in just five months I achieved amazing results. Congratulations for your work and I woul not hesitate to contribute to it.
Joss Ngah

Sales Manager, Industrial Engineering (Italy), LinkedIn profile

La abogada Lara Olivetti me ha representado en petición de la nacionalidad italiana por decendencía.

La Abogada Olivetti tiene conocimiento profundo de la ley 379/2000, que posibilita de tomar la nacionalidad italiana por decendencía en los territorio Austrio-Hungaro.

Puedo dar testimonio que la abogada Olivetti trabaja con alta profesionalidad y que posee todas virtudes entendimiento dentro de la barrera de la lengua espanola e italiana. Todas mis preguntas del ambito jurídico fueron respondido de forma excelente y satisfactoria.

Una agradecimiento enorme por el esfuerzo y mis reconocimientos al servicio que me ha prestado

Pedro Antonio Salomon Ocampo

Web Developer in Dot.net Webform MVC, xxxLutz Wels, LinkedIn Profile

El servicio prestado por la Dra. Lara Olivetti en el proceso de reconstitución de mi ciudadanía italiana bajo la Ley 379/2000 (reconoce la posibilidad de la ciudadanía italiana a los descendientes de personas nacidas y/o residentes en los ex territorios del Imperio Austrohúngaro) fue impecable.

Lara siempre respondió a mis consultas y necesidades, con eficiencia y proactividad; resultando evidente su amplio conocimiento sobre las leyes italianas, un alto grado de compromiso con los tiempos estipulados según mis necesidades y una excelente capacidad de trabajo, adelantándose a los posibles escenarios que permitieron obtener mi ciudadanía y pasaporte italiano en muy corto plazo.

Dada su experiencia y capacidad, la recomiendo altamente para cualquier servicio legal.

Andres Cormenzana

Architect, Job Captain at ENGworks (Argentina), LinkedIn profile