Believed you’d missed the boat on reclaiming your Italian citizenship? It might be time to think again. A fresh draft law is currently on the table in Italy, focused not just on reigniting opportunities for individuals to acquire citizenship through ancestral lineage, but also making significant changes that impact descendants of Italians globally.

Who Does This Draft Law Affect?

According to the proposer, the draft law aims to address specific situations: it caters to Italian-born individuals who moved abroad before 1992 and had to forfeit their Italian citizenship to fully integrate into their new country of residence. In addition, it includes their children who were minors at the time and, consequently, lost their Italian citizenship as well. This is especially noteworthy as they would now have the opportunity to reacquire it without the need to move to Italy.

For instance, consider a man named Mario, who moved to the U.S. in 1985 for better job prospects and became an American citizen in 1990, renouncing his Italian citizenship in the process. His daughter, born in 1983, automatically lost her potential Italian citizenship when he did. Now, both have the chance to reclaim it through this draft law.

Introduced to the Italian Parliament on June 7, 2023, the draft law aims to reopen the citizenship application window for three years. This provision serves to address past legislative shortcomings and aligns with current advancements in communication.

The proposal enjoys strong parliamentary support and is likely to pass into law. It is backed by a large majority of Members of Parliament and has been introduced by a Senator from the currently governing party, Fratelli d’Italia. Given these factors, the draft law stands a good chance of receiving the legislative nod.

Source: Bill no. 752 presented to the Senate of the Italian Republic on 7 June 2023, Article 1

Practical Aspects for Potential Applicants

If you are one of those affected by the constraints of past legislation, this reopened window presents a meaningful opportunity. The proposed three-year timeframe offers ample space to navigate the legal prerequisites for reacquiring Italian citizenship.

What Lies Ahead

It’s crucial to remember that this is still a draft law and not yet in force. However, its alignment with contemporary needs and the strong political backing it enjoys make it a proposal worth watching closely. If enacted, it will mark a significant step in updating Italian citizenship laws, potentially benefiting a wide array of individuals who have been affected by previous legislative limitations.

For those distanced from their Italian roots due to past laws, this draft offers a renewed connection to their heritage. Stay tuned. This draft law could be a game-changer for many, rewriting both legal statuses and personal stories. Don’t miss out on what could be a pivotal moment in reconnecting with your Italian roots.

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