Find out here how to overcome the Italian citizenship application hurdles amidst Consulate appointment shortages.

The Prenot@mi system is…

An online appointment system

It’s used by Italian Consulates to manage and schedule appointments for various consular services, including Italian citizenship applications.

Unfortunately, Italian Consulates are not organized to meet the high demand for appointments for consular services in states where there is a higher concentration of Italians.

The inability to secure an appointment through the Prenot@mi system can be a significant obstacle for Italian citizenship applicants, leading to delays, frustration, and additional costs.

Issues when Prenot@mi doesn’t work:

  • Without an appointment, applicants cannot submit their documents and initiate the citizenship application process. This leads to delays and can negatively impact other aspects of their lives, such as relocation, education, or job opportunities.


  • The inability to secure an appointment can cause anxiety and frustration, as applicants often need to plan their lives around the timeline of acquiring citizenship. The uncertainty of when they will secure an appointment adds to the stress.


  • The Prenot@mi system has very limited appointment slots. As a result, applicants may need to wait for extended periods before an appointment becomes available, which can disrupt their plans.

What can you do about it?

Citizenship applicants by lineage can successfully try the following strategies:

#1: Keep trying Prenot@mi: The system might be experiencing a temporary issue or high demand. Keep checking back regularly for new appointments or cancellations.


#2: Contact the consulate directly:

Reach out to the Italian consulate or embassy responsible for your jurisdiction via email or phone. Explain your situation and ask for assistance. They may provide alternative ways to book an appointment or give you further guidance.


#3: Seek legal assistance:

Consider consulting with a specialist in Italian citizenship by descent. They can help you navigate the process, ensure that you meet all the requirements, and potentially find alternative ways to book an appointment. Read here how to bypass the Consulate and obtain dual Italian citizenship through Italian Courts.


#4: Gather your documents:

While you wait for an appointment, start gathering the necessary documents to prove your Italian ancestry. Ensure all documents are translated into Italian and have the appropriate apostilles or legalizations.


#5: Join online forums and communities:

Connect with others who are going through the same process. They can offer advice, provide updates on the Prenot@mi system, and share their experiences.


What if you still cannot submit your application?

You have the entitlement to access the Consulate and present your application, according to Italian law. In case there are no available appointments, you can seek redress and obtain your Italian citizenship through the Court in Italy.

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