You don’t need to wait for the Italian citizenship to stay in Italy and enjoy an unlimited right of residence. All family members of Italian citizens have a right to reside in Italy, no matter what their nationality.

Family members – spouse or partner, children up to 21 years old and the partner’s children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents… – have a right to a residence permit. After five years, they have a right to permanent residence.

Which family members are entitled to a Residence Card?

Spouses and partners

Children until 21 years of age

Children above 21 years of age, if maintained by the Italian citizen

Parents, if maintained by the Italian citizen

Grandchildren and grandparents


There’s more. Did you know that…?

> Since February 2017 Italy has extended the right to citizenship and all residence rights to same-sex spouses/partners.

> The right of residence extends to any other of the 27 states which are part of the European Union. You can take up residence and stay as long as you wish, no matter if you work, study or enjoy your retirement. That is the core of family rights for every Italian (thus European) citizen.


How does it work?

Just move to Italy with your Italian family member.

In some cases, you may need a visa to move to Italy. That depends on your nationality. Find out here how to obtain a visa.

Once in Italy, you will register with the immigration authorities (Questura). I have a tip for you: sometimes the Italian authority grants a temporary “Family Residence Permit” to the family members of Italian citizens.

That is a 2-years residence permit called Permesso di Soggiorno per Motivi Familiari.

This a permit is enough for family members to access health care coverage, work, study and travel visa-free to the other 27 European Union member states.

However, this type of permit has some distinct disadvantages. It doesn’t allow you to:

… stay in any other European Union member state after three months;

… work or study in any other European Union member state, even on a temporary basis;

… enjoy any social/healthcare benefit in any other European Union member state;

… avoid a time-consuming renewal process: every second yearyou must undergo a full review of requirements and documents which takes months.

Is there an alternative?

Yes. My advice is to opt for a RESIDENCE CARD.

In fact, family members to Italian citizens (or to any other European Union citizen) have a right to a long-term residence card. Besides, after 5 years of residence in Italy, you are entitled to a permanent card. In Italian, it is officially called “Permesso di soggiorno per familiari di cittadino comunitario”.

A Residence Card is a special treat for the family members because the family is so important in Italy.

As a family member of an Italian citizen, you are eligible for the 5-years residence card and have free access to work, business, studies, health care and most rights on a par with Italian citizens.

Italian authorities tend to give a 2-year “Family Residence Permit” if you don’t insist for a 5-year Residence card. That might have to do with the fact that a Residence Card sets you free from controls for a long time and enjoys benefits for at least five years. But the law is on your part. So it’s up to you to claim your rights and demand a Residence Card.

Residence cards for Italian citizens’ family members are free of charge.

How can you obtain a Residence Card?

You just hand to the local immigration office the following:

A copy of your passport (show the original)
An official certificate proving that you are a family member (e.g. a marriage certificate)
Copy of your Italian family member’s id card
Documents of your income, showing that your family have a sufficient income and do not have to depend on the public security (you don’t ned to have a job for that)

Remember: Residence cards are for families residing in Italy. In order to obtain it, both you and your Italian citizen family member need to move to and reside in Italy.

Alternatively, you can have a similar residence card if you move with your Italian family member to another country within the European Union.

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