You may not be aware that your application may already have been processed.

The Italian Ministry of the Interior is the authority in charge of processing all citizenship applications submitted overseas. The Ministry has been insisting for almost a year now that they will send any formal communication concerning the application exclusively through the online application platform.

As a consequence, you may not receive any notification of a decision on your application by email, or through the Italian Consulate, or by registered mail.

It is crucial to access the online platform. Any communication on your application appears on said Ministry’s online platform and can be subject to a tight deadline for you to reply.

For example, if the Ministry regards your paperwork as insufficient, they will send a message on the online platform with a term of 10 days for you to reply. In case you do not reply, they will archive your application and invite you to start a new application, in case you have any further observations or documents to add.

Access to the applicant’s process and any further communication regarding it is currently granted via the new SPID system (Sistema Pubblico di Identità Digitale). If you do not have one, you will be required to make a new registration in order to link and access your existing application.

We received several reports from applicants who cannot access their online process anymore and risk that their application is archived while they wait for a notification of its result.

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